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Premises Liability


Watson Law Group has extensive experience defending individual property owners, homeowners’ associations, developers, property management companies and other businesses faced with premises liability. Rental condo based premises liability claims inevitably lead to the litigation of leases, cross-claims, tenders of defense, third-party claims arising from varying premises liability claims from renters and leasees alleging personal injury as a result of a dangerous condition. These claims have only increased as a result of the economy, which has facilitated the need for otherwise vacant second homes to enter the rental market.

When our clients owe an obligation of maintenance or indemnity we strive to timely identify all responsible parties, consolidate the defense of competing co-defendants, evaluate underlying coverage issues with the goal of avoiding any potential bad faith pitfalls and utilizing ADR to facilitate timely resolution and contribution from all responsible parties. However, as trial lawyers, we are not afraid of taking these cases to trial and our clients’ positions are therefore respected. We also strive to aggressively enforce indemnity obligations owed to our clients through the use of any number of appropriate procedures which might include tenders, demands, cross-claims, third party and declaratory actions as well as subsequent indemnity and contribution litigation following resolution of the primary defense obligation. Our experience in this area and the ability to draw on the breadth of our other practices help us successfully resolve our clients’ disputes in a cost effective manner that fits each individual client’s needs and interests.


• Condominium Unit Owners
• Resorts
• Community Associations
• Property Management Companies
• Rental Agents
• Maintenance Companies
• Contracted Vendors
• Developers
• Restaurants
• Retail Stores


   Successfully won summary judgment on behalf of property owners in cross-claim for contractual indemnity against maintenance company in personal injury action arising from a guests’ fractured spine.

   Currently defending numerous rental condominium owners and non-dwelling commercial lessors in premises liability lawsuits alleging permanent impairment and personal injuries as a result of property conditions governed by various common law and contractual obligations, including but not limited to community association deeds and management agreements.

   Successfully tendered defenses to co-defendants pursuant to “other insured” policy language and contractual indemnity clauses. WLG attorneys have also timely accepted certain defense tenders in order to avoid exposure in the future where appropriate.

   Defended numerous wrongful death and complex personal injury lawsuits involved the utilization of medical experts, industry experts, epidemiologists, engineers and vocational consultants to significantly reduce exposure for insurers and insureds alike.

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