Representative Matters

Property Damage


Judith Reno, et al v. Safco Capital Corp., et al.
Riverside Superior Court, Case No.: RIC 379367

Obtained a defense verdict at trial on behalf of a beauty shop owner accused of negligent installation and maintenance of store sign which caught fire and burned down a commercial shopping center. WLG recovered on client’s cross claim against the property owner for entire damages claim.

Danny Pakravan v. 495 Productions, Inc.
Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.: BC 378908

Defended a high profile television production company against breach of contract and negligence claims arising out of a filming of a reality show at the plaintiff’s multi-million dollar estate.

Travelers Property Casualty v. AG Edwards, Inc., et al.
San Diego Superior Court, Case No.: GIC 862888

Defended fire and water loss claim against investment advisor company brought by landlord and co-tenant.

Len Steckler v. Carolyn Holstein-Mintzer, et al.
Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.: BC332 264

Represented defendant Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. against claim of negligence related to its installation of a billboard located above artist Len Steckler’s studio.

Precision Litho, Inc. v. BPS Services, et al.
San Diego Superior Court, Case No.: 37-2008-00101258-CU-BC

Represented commercial printing company against a contractor for damage to its multi-million dollar printing equipment as a result of negligent installation.

Bristol Group v. Southern California Safe Company

Represented retail property owner against a contractor whose use of a welding torch caused a fire resulting in extensive property damage.

Khechoumian v. Big Adventure Productions, LLP
Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.: EC 045249

Defended a movie production company against claims for property damage and consequential damages alleged by a commercial property owner in connection the production company’s filming.

Adidas – Solomon North America, Inc. v. The Viking Corporation

Represented a production company in claims against a security agency for negligently performing services at its office which allowed for criminal activity leading to damages to its business and property.

James Traweek v. Babson Brothers, et al.

Acted as supervising counsel on behalf of its client in an action involving damages in excess of one million dollars related to faulty installation and performance of a 14 herringbone milking machine.

Beacon Capital Partners, Inc., v. Western Waterproofing Company, Inc.

Obtained a favorable pre-litigation settlement on behalf of its client against a contractor for defective work performed at its property, a 32-floor high rise office complex.

Benegas v. Subway, et al.
Riverside Superior Court, Case No.: RIC 455275

Defended a Subway restaurant in an action brought by a neighboring tenant for a fire which originated from Subway restaurant’s bread oven. The oven was negligently installed by a contractor which caused the fire. WLG’s attorneys obtained a favorable settlement not only by settling on behalf of its client, but by recovering against a co-defendant in subrogation on behalf of the insured and its carrier.