Watson Law Group



With offices on both coasts, and the Upper Midwest, Watson Law Group (WLG) provides trusted counsel to clients both across the US and internationally, handling matters that span a wide variety of practice areas.

What We Do

WLG is a full-service commercial litigation firm with a team of experienced attorneys who serve our clients by taking a proactive approach to all matters, whether advising our clients, analyzing their issues or vigorously litigating on their behalf. We work to resolve issues and disputes efficiently and effectively, allowing our clients to focus on their business instead of protracted litigation.

How We Work

We understand the economic realities our clients face and are committed to remaining ahead of not only our adversaries, but also in step with the latest technological advancements, cutting costs and time, while allowing us to be even more responsive to our clients’ needs.

How We Connect

WLG is a leader in the use of law firm technology allowing us to provide our clients with the quality work product they expect at competitive rates. Whether using the most sophisticated litigation management software on the market, finding quicker and more economical forms of research, or using all forms of communication to ensure we are available for our clients anytime anywhere, WLG is committed to using technology to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.